Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hi everyone, it's your old mother in her cupboard. I'm so sorry that I haven't written. It's possibly because I thought it was "clog" instead of "blog". So I've been practicing my clogging and doing quite well until Courtney asked me what I was doing and I said I was practicing my clogging for my Was my face red. I knew that Topher would appreciate my efforts. So, this will probably be my one and only blog because it is way to technical for me to figure out. And you all know that I am going to be a zoobie in the fall if I can find tuition money. It really stinks to be poor at my age. If you are poor and young it's o.k. because most people are poor when they are young. If you are poor and cute it's o.k. because your looks will get you far. If you are poor and no one knows you are poor it's o.k. because you've fooled everyone. Like the Grahams. They don't know I'm poor. In fact I asked Brother Graham today if there were any jobs at the MTC and he said I could go up and be an investigator as a voluteer and help the missionaries learn how to teach--particularly to poor people. I didn't want to say that I needed to EARN some money and I would work in the cafeteria. But it's not o.k. to be old, gray headed, homeless and poor because no one will respect you and ask you to donate to political campaigns or help the starving in Central America. But children, do not feel sorry for me. For I am a Jones and a Layton and I will survive. And if I can pay my internet bill this month you may hear from me again. If not, visit me at the east end of Center Street in Provo. I'll be on the porch clogging for dollars.
I love you all.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I love you. Even when I have to help you blog.